Battle against air conditioning

Adoption of all things American, glitzy and  futuristic in the striving to be modern has infuriated conservationists, who argue that such energy-hungry systems, with their CFCs and  potential health risks are an unnecessary luxury.

Occupiers unwilling to pay for energy saving

Why do we place so much store in cutting costs and saving the environment but fight against more efficient, "greener" buildings?

Overpowered buildings waste resources

Office buildings have been dragged into the electronic age - sometimes kicking and screaming

Buildings boost global warming

Buildings emit twice the amount of carbon dioxide as vehicle exhausts, making a major contribution to fears about global warming.

Recession drives energy saving

Energy-saving has taken on a significance akin to  the hunt for the holy grail. This has less to do with the semi-religious frenzy over global warming, however, than grinding weight of economic recession

Green guide for office buildings

The modern office complex can consume as much energy and produce as much pollution as a small town. In the 1990s it may be judged as much on its impact on health and the enviromnment as on its business efficiency.

Pioneer works for greener space

Stuart Lipton is one of the industry's foremost thinkers, forever pushing back the boundaries of taste and technology.

Revenge of the Anti-Uglies

Thirty years ago as self-appointed group of design arbiters hijacked the launch of Barclays' new HQ in London, mourning the "death" of British architecture. Now the not-so-old place is coming down.