Tax incentives required to produce 'green' buildings in UK

Tougher laws or tax incentives could be necessary before the property industry moves significantly towards producing greener buildings.

New design techniques turn landmark London tower 'green'

London's Swiss Re HQ, widely sneered at as the 'Gherkin' follows rigorous investment criteria. This building will be both green and mean.

Occupiers still doubt value of ‘green’ buildings

Carrots and sticks encourage businesses to go green

Global warming threatens real estate

Global warming will  make recent blazing weather normal within a few decades. So what impact will that have on property?

Developers' dilemma over environmental demands

It takes hard evidence to fight for changes in the way we construct buildings

UK real estate trails in use of solar energy

The UK is being  left in the shade over development of solar energy.

Coldest homes in the west

'You have the warmest beer and the coldest homes in the Western world,' said the American.

Modern buildings are notoriously energy-intensive

Some of the most sophisticated modern buildings are notoriously energy-intensive, but the costs fade before other charges.