Commercial Real Estate 2004

Developers must be forced to go green

Snorts of laughter from agents and blank looks from investors are the depressing sign that despite years of preaching, green issues have made little impact on the mainstream property industry.

The art and science of mixed use development

Why is mixed use in the news? After all, it has been around a long time.

Who does what in UK real estate

The property industry suffers from tunnel vision.

Poor relation strikes it rich

Suddenly, property is sexy. That might seem obvious from the way house prices are soaring but behind the headlines a frenzy is also sweeping through office blocks and warehouses.

Confusion over new investment vehicles

Interest in property has boomed in the last few years as sacred cows including equities, endowments and managed pensions went spectacularly mad and collapsed foaming at the mouth.

UK property auctions guide

Auctions have been dogged by a mixture of ignorance and mistrust.

Auctions League Table

Serviced business space leads recovery

Serviced business space rents are beginning to recover as demand eats away rampant oversupply.

Guide to real estate terms

What’s a yield? Pretty obvious really: the return on an investment. But what is the difference between a running yield, an equivalent yield, an initial yield, a redemption yield.