Real Estate and Technology 2002


Colocation meltdown sparks hysteria

Market meltdown is nothing new in the property industry. So why the hysteria over the new breed of high-tech centres designed to accommodate rack upon rack of computers?

Email overload taints real estate technology revolution

A few years ago putting an email address on your business card would have raised a smirk. Today, unless you use email, you are not in the property industry.

Technology dominates modern buildings

Technology was supposed to transform our lives. It didnít happen. Boundaries have blurred but home and work remain different worlds and thousands of new office blocks continue to sprout in city centres and business parks across the world. The transformation has taken place within those buildings and at breathtaking speed.

Real estate internet gloom will disperse

There is an old saying that people always over-estimate the speed of innovation but underestimate its impact


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