Real Estate and Technology 2007


Investors seek global management software

Adjusting to the special needs of each country or client takes time and money

Computers vital to global warming battle

Automated calculator takes into account offsets and can be rolled up to give a carbon footprint

Property professionals slow to exploit electronic mapping

Business users will expect the snapshot convenience of birdís eye views but with far more detailed information

Whiff of revolution

Property software has elbowed to the front of the pack

Networks beginning to creak

Property has taken to computers with a vengeance, but faces dangers of putting too many eggs in one basket.

Software that unites shopping nations

New demands will bring huge pressure for information which many property managers are ill-equipped to handle.

Circle and Realm link to create global leader

One of the most familiar names in property software is on course to become a global leader

PISCES fishes for software bugs

Stupid computers threaten to undermione revolution in property dealing