Real Estate and Technology 2008

Power supplies key to success: Data centres can require as much electricity as a small town

IT cuts could prove costly in long term: Times have changed since the last downturn, when technology was considered a disposable cost

Technology the key to energy labelling: Software is being thrust into the limelight as times turn hard for property

PCS Expo switches emphasis to agency: New chapter reflects fundamental industry changes

Gerald Eve software takes on rating management: Big names have outsourced administration and figures could soar with d re-introduction of 100% rating on empty property.

NovaLoca seeks to fill listings gap: Residential web pages have made huge strides, offering pictures and local access maps but business property is still lost in a blizzard of dry statistics

Managed IP speeds information transfer: Fears over loss of valuable data and imoatience with internet indigestion spurs move to managed virtual private networks

Real estate leads in 'renting' online software: Data such as rents, market trends and details of individual leases are already stored on computers which may be half way across the world, and called up when required. It seems a logical step to move the software which manipulates that information.

Integrated software for small firms: Management techniques have struggled to cope with new sectors ranging from car parks and hospitals to serviced space and student accommodation.