Real Estate and Technology 2009

Joined-up approach to real estate management technology: UK market for Integrated workplace management soars as pressures increase to cut costs and make better use of property.

More efficient IT can save millions: property industry making slow progress towards the £1m a year least efficient firms could each save if they matched the leaders. 

All of a Twitter about property: more than half the users in a European poll believe the service gives them insight into other professionals’ lives and businesses.

Tracking lions, ice cream and rent bills: Longleat benefits from management software that can do six impossible things before breakfast

Confusion over impact of online shopping: variations in hard evidence helps sceptics dismiss threats that ‘clicks’ will take over from ‘bricks’ and decimate shopping centres.

Expensive IT systems a drag on resources in recession: huge savings are possible by increasing efficiency

Recession exposses property software chaos: Details of leases, tenants, void rates and running costs are vital for accurate valuations. Much of this information is floating around but is not always easy to access and integrate

Prodigal returns to fill gap in property software: surprised to return to the UK and find gaping holes in software that is an essential tool for every facet of real estate

New technology sets workers free to roam: professionals shrug off weather woes as advances in mobile systems bring the office to their fingertips

Property software rewritten for mobile working: a new era gains momentum as programs are recast to meet the needs of mobile and home working.

Videoconferencing opens window on the world: broadband and high definition screens are now taking communications to another level.