Real Estate and Technology 2004


Property software faces crisis

Property software faces its biggest crisis since technology began to play a key role almost 20 years ago.

Small firms in danger from old technology and Internet overload

A lot is written about how technology can drive forward business. Much less is heard about how it can lead to disaster.

Switching on to high-tech sustainability

David Exley is desperate to phone his light switch. The head of facilities management for Clifford Chance has not lost his marbles, although that might be understandable after moving the equivalent of a small town.

Better management should come before adopting IT

IT can boost efficiency but gains are marginal compared to improvements in management.

Property management and FM software merge

Property technology walks two parallel paths.

IT a major tool in fighting global warming

Technology is one of biggest culprits in global warming.Yet advanced IT and careful management has also become a major tool in controlling its own profligacy.

SMEs rely on luck for survival

Working on screen has become so fundamental that few consider what would happen if the system goes down. And it will go down.

Struggle to survive without technology

Could you survive without technology? Some people think it would be a blessed relief.

Silo syndrome holds back software

Technology breeds cynicism. Users donít care how it works, just whether it works. Consultants call it the silo syndrome.

Arming the road warrior

Call recording comes of age

Tips on choosing property software

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